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Spring? Ya Right!

March 19, 2013 - Steve Schulwitz
It is snowing again. It is March 18th and just when I think winter has left us, it proves me wrong. What a difference a year makes. At this time last year I was in Las Vegas for my friend's wedding and it was warmer in Alpena than it was in the desert. If you think back Alpena had set record high temperatures which were in the low 80's from March 16 until about March 21. We had weather in the 50's in Sin City and even thunderstorms.

I brought the cool temperatures back home with me though, your welcome.

Anyway my point is I've had it with winter and every time I see snow and ice in the forecast I lose just a little more of my sanity, not that I had any to begin with, and it seemed for the last week small signs of spring were showing themselves. You could see more grass, the sunshine seemed brighter and the day is much noticeably longer. Well so much for that, as the new forecast calls for snow the next several days, $%&*!

I have always been more of a spring/summer person and my wife and I already have some plans made for this year's warm weather months. We are going camping several times, have our annual fishing tournaments and have Tigers' tickets. I know we have become spoiled because the last few winters have been mild, but I have to admit I am beginning to wonder if the snow and cold are even going to be gone by then.

I know I'm being over dramatic, but it already seems like a year since summer has ended and from the look of it outside it is only going to seem longer as the snow starts accumulating once again.

Oh by the way.

My wife, my parents and I are returning to Vegas in April 2014, so you know Alpena will enjoy a heat wave while I'm gone.


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Mar-30-13 12:53 AM

Alpena didn't get a good snow pack until after the middle of Jan. 2013. That was sure late...I hope we get a heat wave before April 2014 :)


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