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Fletcher: US needs to change tax structure

April 22, 2014 There are two main methods of regulating money and interest rates — monetary policy and fiscal policy. Each performs a specific role in helping shape our country’s economy. more »»

Krawczak: I’m OK with being a cheerleader

April 21, 2014 Cheerleading has been around for more than 30 years. According to both and, cheerleading has strong ties to American football. more »»

Speer: It has to come down to the class size

April 18, 2014 “Class size” has been an educational buzz word for decades now. more »»

Editorial: HUNT helps keep NE Michigan safe

April 18, 2014 Unfortunately, illegal drugs remain a dark side to the world in which we live. And, Northeast Michigan is not immune to that world. more »»

Fletcher: The effects of minimum wage

April 15, 2014 A quick study of the effect of government setting a minimum wage is a great way to study the effect of barriers to work and artificial pricing as opposed to market equilibrium price points. more »»

Stutzman: When you get there, remember where you came from

April 14, 2014 I have a little knick-knack sign in my office that reads, “When You Get There, Remember Where You Came From.” It’s located on a short bookcase across from my desk so it catches my eye frequently. more »»

Editorial: Tax Freedom Day doesn’t really help the pocketbook

April 11, 2014 It will happen this coming week. Americans will have to have their state and national tax returns filed by Tuesday. more »»

Speer: Giving has generational differences

April 11, 2014 Two times in the past week the topic of understanding the dynamics behind generational differences has come up in my world. more »»

Questions, Anyone?

April 11, 2014 Sanctuary visitors Q. A question asked is: "The Marine Sanctuary has many groups from out of town, such as researchers and divers, who stay and work on Lake Huron projects. more »»

Gray: A goal beyond the scale — an active life

April 11, 2014 I do not weigh myself very often. I use my clothes and my energy levels as a pretty simple gauge of where I am. more »»

Editorial: ACC’s expansion good for college and our region

April 10, 2014 There are many ways one can judge the economic health of a community. more »»

Fletcher: Ukraine likely to become part of Russia

April 8, 2014 First, let me explain that I am writing this column on April 1. more »»

Krawczak: Not everyone has to be like you

April 7, 2014 While you are reading this, I am in China. more »»

Editorial: State athletes thrill at Winter Olympics

April 6, 2014 Every four years, elite athletes from across the globe gather together to share their prodigious talent and skill with a world audience through friendly competition. more »»

Editorial: We need to show SkyWest we want them to stay

April 4, 2014 Emplanement numbers at airports the size of Alpena’s are like pieces of candy in a candy store to a small ki. more »»

Speer: Might we be headed toward con-con?

April 4, 2014 Could Michigan legislators be responsible for the calling of a national Constitutional Convention? Maybe yes. Maybe no. more »»

Editorial: Camp announcement creates chain reaction of election activities

April 3, 2014 Remember the board game Mouse Trap? You spend time building a contraption and once constructed, you start a ball rolling from its top. more »»

Fletcher: NLRB ruling creates transparency

April 1, 2014 Just this past week the National Labor Relations Board made a ruling that will change the landscape of college football for years to com. more »»

Stutzman: Building the tower of your life

March 31, 2014 People say your life experiences build character and the more experiences you have the more solid and grounded your character will be. more »»

Editorial: Keeping snowmobile route a progressive move by city

March 28, 2014 It would appear snowmobiling in part of Alpena’s city limits will become permanent. more »»



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March 24, 2014 Earlier this month Forbes announced its annual billionaires list, also known as a list you and I aren't on (unless somehow a billionaire somehow stumbles upon more »

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