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Catching up with a few items of note

September 26, 2015 It’s fall cleaning time in my life, so let’s carry it over to the column today with a list of random odds n’end. more »»

Liberals can’t handle truth about shootings

September 26, 2015 The political cartoon of Aug. 31 shows that liberals just can't handle the truth about anything. more »»

MCACA grant a deserving way to start museum’s 50th anniversary

September 26, 2015 Next year the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan will celebrate its 50th anniversary and as part of the year-long observances, staff are hoping to conduct a successful $500,000 capital campaign. more »»

City preventing people from earning money

September 26, 2015 I read with interest the Wednesday, Sept. 16, article regarding the City wanting to regulate single room rentals and charge a $250 "special" permit fee. more »»

ARMC pain specialists discuss acute and chronic pain

September 26, 2015 September is Pain Awareness Month, which aims to bring the public’s attention to understanding pain and pain management in addition to offering a variety of resources to increase knowledge about... more »»

Vaccination choices you make affect you

September 26, 2015 I'm amazed at all the vaccinated people who are afraid of those who are unvaccinated. more »»

The organized church’s role

September 26, 2015 The "organized" church — with all its hierarchies, traditional leadership, and organized structure — is taking a beating these day. more »»

Choices you make can help with diabetes

September 26, 2015 With striking proof that people can prevent or delay diabetes by simply choosing smaller and wiser choices of food, a recent British Medical Journal proved that medication given to prevent diabetes... more »»

We’re our own worst enemies

September 24, 2015 Everyone has some hierarchy of priorities. Generally speaking, we want better economic or social circumstances for our children than we were able to achieve for ourselves. more »»

Congratulations to newest members of AHS Hall of Fame

September 24, 2015 Three Alpena High School graduates who have achieved success in their respective careers will be inducted in October to the AHS Hall of Fame. more »»

Iranians allowed too much leeway with nuclear inpsections

September 24, 2015 It is highly doubtful the FBI, on the trail of a terrorist bomb-maker, would ask him to provide samples of the wood from his basement workbench to be tested for traces of explosive materials. more »»

Don’t take the chance, get your flu shot

September 23, 2015 If you are like most people, you buckle your seatbelt when you get in a car or truck. After all, with about 33,000 traffic deaths each year in the United States, there’s no sense taking chance. more »»

I’m not good at a lot of things

September 22, 2015 I once got a score of 278 while bowling. It was over the course of three games. I am not at all good at singing. Except when no one can hear me, then I think I am the best. more »»

US spending on rebel training a failure

September 22, 2015 Almost undoubtedly, Russian military advisers and weaponry being sent to Syria will do more to defeat the Islamic State terrorist army than has been accomplished by the United States. more »»

Proposed UC statement would limit expression

September 21, 2015 Suggesting terrorists may attempt to enter the country through a program to admit Syrian immigrants could land you in trouble at the University of California system in the future. more »»

Interesting weeks ahead following Benishek announcement

September 19, 2015 Enough is enough. Dr. Dan won’t be making any more house calls in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. U.S. Re. more »»

Fitness: Luxury vs. lifestyle?

September 19, 2015 The other day, I was running my kids between their sports practices, still sweating from a workout and chugging my water. more »»

Plenty of time

September 19, 2015 Me, trying to decide on a topic for my column: "Jonah, how has God made a difference in your life this week?" Pragmatic nine-year-old son, after a moment's thought: "Well, it's only the second day... more »»

US can’t play North Korea’s games again

September 18, 2015 For decades, with both Democrats and Republicans in the White House, North Korea’s supremely brutal family dictatorship was able to get away with military blackmail. The U.. more »»

A lot riding on Fed decision

September 16, 2015 The Federal Reserve Board meets this week to determine whether to raise interest rates to curb inflation. Inflation has remained at about 2 percent, which many would contend is a good long-term level. more »»



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