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Commercial is nothing like airlines I fly

February 20, 2016 February is the worst month. I'm sick of winter. Spring seems an eternity away. Everything puts me in a bad mood. Especially TV commercials. I don't know why. They just do. more »»

What you gain through fitness is what counts most

February 20, 2016 How much have you gained? What if we all agree to flip the question? Instead of asking our friends how much weight they have lost on their diet or exercise program, let's ask each other how much... more »»


February 20, 2016 It's dangerous to be confrontational. You may say something no one wants to hear. The season of Lent is a focused time of repentance in the Church. Soul-searching. Personal inventory. Cleansing. more »»

Job well done with Plaza Pool fundraising

February 19, 2016 Although word broke a few weeks ago, it became official Wednesday when Friends of the Plaza Pool told the Alpena County Finance Committee it had raised enough money to keep the pool open during... more »»

How do I obtain a police report?

February 18, 2016 A reader emailed this week asking how they could obtain a copy of a police report. In order to figure out the exact process, I had to email them back to find out what type of report they wante. more »»

Constitution shouldn’t change based on nine opinions

February 18, 2016 Liberal activists disliked the late U.S. more »»

Officials need to learn from mistakes in Afghanistan

February 17, 2016 From the beginning of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation years ago, American intelligence and political officials made enormous mistakes. more »»

Building a better community

February 16, 2016 I’m halfway through a really interesting novel that my mom loaned me. The setting of the book is some sort of post-apocalyptic world in the future. more »»

Risk of terrorists coming from Cuba needs to be addressed

February 16, 2016 President Barack Obama seems determined to “normalize” relations between the United States and Cuba, regardless of good reasons why the process should proceed slowly, if at all. more »»

Kasich has record of success others claim to have

February 15, 2016 With the pace of Republican decision-making about a nominee for president picking up, the direction of the process may be taking a good, much-needed turn. Ohio Gov. more »»

Airport schedule changes would be beneficial

February 13, 2016 News this week of a proposed change in schedules for flights in and out of Alpena by SkyWest officials is welcome news. The change would be a huge benefit for business travelers heading to Detroit. more »»

We need to come together and soon

February 13, 2016 It’s time for a huge dose of reality to start occurring across Michigan. Without it, I fear a day of reckoning is just around the corner. more »»

Snyder, Flint water, Super Bowl ads and Tigers

February 13, 2016 Come Heller high water ... * Oh, c'mon, it's impossible to blame Gov. Snyder for declining the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee invitation to testif. more »»

ARMC Cardiac Rehab returns life to Hillman man

February 13, 2016 Justin Moreau, a Hillman resident, has a Left Ventricular Assist Device that keeps the blood flowing through the lower chamber of his heart since his left ventricle is too weak to pump blood on its... more »»

Cougar death would have been surprise finding a decade ago

February 12, 2016 An investigation continues into the death of a cougar discovered earlier this month in Dickinson County, about four miles from Iron Mountain. more »»

Supply, demand and responsibility

February 11, 2016 I read an Associated Press story this week that a fellow selling Tasers for protection in Germany can’t manufacture enough to meet the demand because shop keepers and others are worried about the... more »»

Something should be done about North Korea, and sooner rather than later

February 11, 2016 Any nuclear war, even if it involves a limited exchange of, say, 10 warheads on both sides, would be a terrible thin. more »»

Time to do more than warn North Korea

February 10, 2016 Less than a month ago, North Korea tested a powerful long-range missile. U.S. more »»

The choir and fifth hour lunch

February 9, 2016 M.E. Finch, principal of Alpena High School, didn't appear to me to be very astute but it turned out he was. more »»

National debt: Sobering story of runaway government spending

February 9, 2016 With the nation’s first primary election of the 2016 presidential campaign coming up in New Hampshire this week, it is safe to say the college-student vote will go primarily to Democrat candidate... more »»



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