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Local Jimmy John’s doesn’t mimic corporate hiring practices

June 12, 2015 Usually Leonard Pitts, a syndicated columnist with The Alpena News, doesn’t leave bases uncovered. more »»

EPA’s backtracking one more example of its attack agenda

June 11, 2015 Apparently someone at the U.. more »»

The ebb and flow of local commerce

June 10, 2015 “If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.” While the authorship of that advice is up for debate, it remains good advice. more »»

More needs to be done to stop hackers

June 10, 2015 Lock your front door and a determined burglar will merely climb through a window. Lock it and he may just break the glass to enter. As homeowners know, it can be very difficult to keep thieves out. more »»

What else is out there to discover?

June 9, 2015 We are creatures of habit, entrenched in our comfortable routines as if there are no other options. Even though I consider myself to be ready for anything I still fall into a rut from time to ti. more »»

A half-billion dollar waste of taxpayer money

June 9, 2015 Most of us who have traveled by air over the past 13 years have experienced the inconvenience of dealing with Transportation Security Administration screenings, random searches and regulation. more »»

Another entree to add to Congress’ plate

June 8, 2015 Claims of “black helicopters” spying on us for the government are not just wild conspiracy theories, it turns out. more »»

Pettalia front and center on roads issue

June 6, 2015 In case you haven’t been paying attention, state Rep. Peter Pettalia, R-Presque Isle, has moved himself into some key legislative positions this year. more »»

NSA debate important for country

June 6, 2015 For over a decade now I’ve shared with public bodies where I’ve spoken on the First Amendment that the greatest threat to that amendment is the U.S. Patriot Act. more »»

It’s time for the kids to have their fun

June 6, 2015 I don't remember if I looked forward to the last day of school or not — though I'm sure I must have at least as a young kid — but I certainly remember enjoying summer vacatio. more »»

ARMC reminds men to take control of their health

June 6, 2015 Men face unique health challenges, and one of the most dangerous is their reluctance to seek health care. more »»

The rewards that await

June 6, 2015 Teaching religion class for seventh- and eighth-graders at Immanuel Lutheran School, I have learned what every teacher knows. At the close of a school year, some kids check out early. more »»

City shows an earned confidence in Greg Sundin

June 5, 2015 Alpena City Manager Greg Sundin received a positive job performance review from municipal council this week, something all city residents can feel good abou. more »»

Time to change US oil export policy

June 4, 2015 Oil and natural gas are being used as geopolitical weapons like never before in history. Russia’s Vladimir Putin has become perhaps the world’s most skillful, effective practitioner. more »»

NSA has authority to invade Americans privacy

June 3, 2015 Intelligence agencies want unfettered authority to invade our privacy. It is in the very nature of spying organizations such as the National Security Agency. more »»

Despite history, region could sustain economic growth

June 3, 2015 I got into a discussion the other day with some “change agents” (people all of the same persuasion). These local residents are all engaged in trying to bring more jobs and prosperity to our area. more »»

Community is better with recycling

June 2, 2015 I want to give you a few statistics about recycling. From recycleacrossamerica. more »»

It’s unfortunate IRS director has to be subpoenaed

June 2, 2015 Hopefully, the Internal Revenue Service official in charge of transparency has nothing to hide. We use the qualifier because, well, this is the federal government. more »»

Criminals love that citizens must give IRS information

June 1, 2015 Thieves stole about $5.8 billion from the Internal Revenue Service in 2013, by taking tax refunds due to people whose personal information they used to make the claims. more »»

The art of getting lost along the way

May 30, 2015 We're unofficially into the summer season. more »»



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