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Make sure VA really needs funds in request

July 21, 2015 In Washington, the penalty for shoddy work and sometimes criminal actions too often is more money. And remember, behind the Beltway, they keep the books in 10- to 12-digit numbers. more »»

Obama Internet plan won’t benefit rural America

July 20, 2015 As so often is the case with federal initiatives to improve Americans’ lives, one announced by President Barack Obama last week holds no promise for Americans in rural areas. more »»

Time to get rid of Mackinac pipeline

July 18, 2015 I just returned from a weekend at Mackinac Island, where my family and I enjoyed the beauty and splendor of the Straits. more »»

Hats off to Fletcher, Alpena Power for property building

July 18, 2015 Steve Fletcher and the folks at Alpena Power Co. should be given permanent white hats to wear around tow. more »»

ARMC offers programs to help manage chronic conditions

July 18, 2015 Chronic disease accounts for seven of every 10 deaths in the United States and more than 75 percent of the total health care costs. more »»

Let the fun, fishing begin

July 17, 2015 It’s time again to celebrate the Michigan Brown Trout Festival in Alpena. The festival provides the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for great entertainment, fellowship, food and of course — fishing. more »»

Greece a long way from any recovery

July 16, 2015 As I write this Greece officials and the European Union have agreed on a bailout plan subject to the Greek Parliament passing some rather sweeping modifications in taxation and social programs. more »»

US should view Greece as a wakeup call

July 16, 2015 No doubt many Greeks are upset with their prime minister this week, after he agreed to tax increases and entitlement cuts needed to keep the country’s economy from going belly-up. more »»

Enforcing existing gun laws would make a difference

July 15, 2015 Gun control advocates — many of whom really wish they could outlaw any ownership of firearms by individuals — constantly claim new limits are needed to save lives. more »»

We can’t allow negativity to prosper

July 14, 2015 In the book “James and the Giant Peach” (a childhood favorite of mine) by Roald Dahl, James loses his parents at the young age of four. He is then sent to live with his evil aunts. more »»

Secrecy about data breaches is unacceptable

July 14, 2015 A company that kept information about a massive theft of personal information from its customers secret would be raked over the coals mercilessly by federal officials. more »»

Individualized funding a good idea for education

July 13, 2015 Federal funding to help low-income children in public schools does not necessarily aid all of them. Under Title I, the biggest such initiative at about $14. more »»

Questions, Anyone?

July 11, 2015 Why shoe trees?? Q. Reader Bob Alvey asks, "Why do people throw their shoes on a tree? What is the origin of the shoe trees you see around the countryside?"? A. more »»

Regrets spoken at end-of-life

July 11, 2015 "I wish I would have made amends with my sister." "We always said we'd get married — we just never got around to it." "I always said I'd finish my degree when I had more time. more »»

Congress can’t let Obama make Iran deal that is bad for US

July 10, 2015 Presidents traditionally have enjoyed latitude in their handling of foreign affairs — but the Constitution places the responsibility for critical issues squarely on Congress. more »»

Sleight of hand manuever helped Republicans save EITC

July 10, 2015 It was at least a temporary win for needy families around the state and they can thank some Senate Republicans for that. Yes. You read that correctly, Republicans. more »»

Highway funding should not have amendments attached

July 9, 2015 Often, gridlock in Congress results when some lawmakers object not to the primary purpose of a bill, but to some unrelated “rider” placed in it. more »»

Will the republic survive?

July 8, 2015 After years of frustrating attempts to persuade the home government in London to do something constructive about our many legitimate complaints as British citizens, Americans on July 4, 1776,... more »»

What do we do with Greece?

July 8, 2015 If economics were sports, “how about them Greeks!” Puerto Rico is in the news, too, but it is only underwater on its bond issues $72 billion; whereas the Greeks are down 300-400 billion euros whic... more »»



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