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Make yours a well-researched vote

June 17, 2014 What are you doing Aug. 5? And Nov. 4? I don’t know everything I will be doing those days but I do know I will be voting. more »»

Proof our southern border isn’t secure

June 17, 2014 So easy a child could do it. The phrase is used to describe everything from assembling toys to programming remote controls. more »»

Time for creative ways to fund road repairs

June 14, 2014 It’s time those wanting road repairs in Michigan stop advocating for an increase in the state gas tax and instead offer other alternatives to get the job accomplished. more »»

Sad day with the end of Betty’s columns

June 14, 2014 I shed a tear Thursday. Only one — but it was a whopper. One of my favorite columnists of all time was putting a cap on her pen. more »»

Gala celebrates sanctuaries, including Thunder Bay

June 14, 2014 In early June, I proudly participated in the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s annual Ocean Awards Gal. more »»

Community health provides programs to help manage health

June 14, 2014 A report released by Trust for America's Health in July 2008 found that a small strategic investment in disease prevention could result in significant savings in U.S. health care costs. more »»

Being a captive

June 14, 2014 I have a blast playing "scissors" with our 3-year-old twins. No, it's not dangerous. Sprawled out across the living room floor, I wait for either Luke or Kaleigh to get close enoug. more »»

Go get ’em Hurons

June 13, 2014 Let’s Go Lady Hurons! The Rogers City softball team returns to the state final four in a Division 4 semifinal game today. If victorious, the Hurons will play in the state championship game Saturd. more »»

The definition of community

June 12, 2014 In Matthew 26:11 it says: “For ye have the poor always with you, but me ye have not always.” (King James Version). Locally we have hungry children and adults. more »»

No resting on VA scandal until resolution comes

June 11, 2014 When President Barack Obama’s Veterans Affairs secretary, Eric Shinseki, announced his resignation, the president said “the VA needs new leadership,” in order to address the systemic failures that... more »»

The power of small business

June 10, 2014 The Power of Small Business When I was about 8 or 9 years old I went on an African safari. It was incredible. The mosquitos were the size of hummingbirds and they flew at me with lighting speeds. more »»

Numbers create an illusion of better times

June 10, 2014 Some young Americans unable to find jobs after they graduate from college, simply stay on campus, working toward advanced degree. more »»

Cost of power without coal could be astronomical

June 9, 2014 Last week’s announcement the Environmental Protection Agency is coming down hard on existing coal-fired power plants raises literally hundreds of question. more »»

The Northeast Michigan way: Helping your neighbors

June 7, 2014 Helping neighbors is a way of life in Northeast Michigan, and finding a way to overcome obstacles is just part of that process some times. more »»

Questions, Anyone?

June 7, 2014 Why men walk next to the curb Q. Readers Bill and Nancy Wedge ask, "Why is the man supposed to walk on the street side of the sidewalk when walking with a woman?" . more »»

Nothing is more attractive than happiness

June 7, 2014 Want to improve your relationship with your significant other, child, parent, friend, coworker or neighbor? Want to grow your career or make a bigger impact in your church, school or workplace? I... more »»

Those responsible for veterans’ deaths must be dealt with

June 6, 2014 At Veterans Affairs medical centers throughout the country, lying, cheating bureaucrats are hoping the buck stops with former VA?Secretary Eric Shinseki. It should no. more »»

Day to honor the Greatest Generation

June 5, 2014 Many Americans probably have never heard of Guadalcanal, the Kasserine Pass, Anzio, the Hurtgen Forest, Peleliu, the Coral Sea, Tarawa or Ploesti. more »»

Administration wrong for labeling businesses

June 4, 2014 One old warning about totalitarian regimes cautions they can harm you solely because dictators and their lackeys don’t like the way you comb your hair. more »»

Significant changes in utility industry

June 4, 2014 Bob Dylan sings: “The times they are a-changin.’” This manifestation can’t be seen anywhere more graphically than in the electric power industry. more »»



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