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Small increases in troops to Iraq a recipe for disaster

April 21, 2016 Feeding more American troops into Iraq little by little is an invitation to disaster, yet President Barack Obama persists in the practice. Obama vowed U.S. more »»

Donald Trump is the real deal

April 20, 2016 I’ve been thinking all winter about Donald Trump’s appeal to the American voter. Most certainly, he doesn’t appeal much to the politicians or the press. more »»

Court should rule against Obama on immigration

April 20, 2016 It has been obvious for years that Congress should update the nation’s immigration laws. But lawmakers’ failure to do that does not give the president authority to override the statutes. more »»

The story behind city hall’s limestone

April 19, 2016 Likely you have wondered — maybe it was while you were passing by, perhaps during an idle moment when you were nowhere near it — but at some point you have probably asked yourself: “Why is our... more »»

Banning books something done by small-minded people

April 19, 2016 Nearly everyone agrees censorship and banning books (or, rather, eliminating access to books) are wrong ... except for that one book he or she disagrees with or that makes him or her uncomfortab. more »»

Time to end EPA’s double standard

April 17, 2016 When the tables are turned, the U.S. more »»

Schools now in process of making up missed days

April 16, 2016 No two words sound sweeter to to a student, teacher, bus driver or aide than “snow day” in the midst of winte. more »»

Family gives random acts of kindness

April 16, 2016 Pay it forward. That’s what Hillman’s Doug Morrison could be found doing Friday. more »»

Not feeling safe with Wild West mentality

April 16, 2016 Growing up, I loved Westerns. I was a devoted fan of U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon from "Gunsmoke" and the Cartwrights of "Ponderosa. more »»

Cut the excuses: Health just feels better

April 16, 2016 There are many reasons not to exercise and eat healthy. It can be inconvenient to cook, it is hard to make time for fitness and it is just easier to sit on the couc. more »»

From crisis to faith

April 16, 2016 After a crisis, you see the world differently. That's what we're told. more »»

Should you change your investment mix over time?

April 16, 2016 To be successful at investing, some people think they need to “get in on the ground floor” of the next “big thing. more »»

Unemployment numbers continue to show improvement

April 15, 2016 With relatively little fanfare state officials released the March unemployment numbers this week, and they again showed marked improvement from the numbers of a year ago. more »»

Properly wearing a seat belt

April 14, 2016 A reader asked the following question: “My son received a ticket for an improperly worn seat belt. What does this mean?” He says his seat belt was on. more »»

Ortho takes step to lead search for bee kill-off

April 14, 2016 A major producer of products used to control garden pests and weeds, the Ortho company, announced this week it will stop using a category of chemicals believed to be harmful to bees. more »»

Watching state governments to prevent fraud of entitlement programs

April 13, 2016 Many people think of “entitlement” programs as federal government responsibilities. more »»

Down to the Final Four of presidential hopefuls

April 13, 2016 Back around 600 BC, the prophet Jeremiah wrote words which have morphed over the last 26 centuries into the present saying “May your words be tender and sweet because tomorrow you may have to eat... more »»

A clearly defined goal is paramount

April 12, 2016 My upbringing on a farm has provided me with a string of nearly unbelievable stories. A goat followed me onto the school bus once. more »»

Judge’s ruling highlights concerns about arbitrary decisions

April 12, 2016 Federal judges are not in the habit of going off half-cocked. But according to one of them, the government’s financial institution regulators are. more »»

DEA ‘war’ on drugs slow off the ground

April 11, 2016 It probably is a good thing bureaucrats like those at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration were not in charge of arming the United States for World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. more »»



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