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ARMC encourages wearing red for women, heart disease

January 30, 2016 National Wear Red Day, which is held on the first Friday in February every year, is a day everyone is encouraged to wear red to support women in the fight against heart disease, the number one... more »»

New bill would help in times of emergency

January 29, 2016 Imagine being a parent who is waiting for your child to return from college for Christmas break, or waiting on your spouse who traveled out of town on business. more »»

Economy needs better tax policy

January 27, 2016 Alan Blinder, a professor of economics at Princeton, said recently he thought the worldwide economic slowdown wouldn’t affect the American economy to any great extent. He and I disagre. more »»

Train’s whistle is music to the ears

January 26, 2016 Consider a train’s whistle; I have, but then I’ve been listening to it for a lot of years. It starts across the river at the Johnson Street crossin. more »»

Congress should prevent expansion of Pell Grant program

January 24, 2016 Federal student loan and grant programs have not made college more affordable. They have merely provided billions of dollars in taxpayer money to help pay for it. more »»

Not easy right now for Pure Michigan

January 24, 2016 The following is a fictitious memo but in reality it may be closer to the truth then you think. more »»

Kudos to Stutzman, Performance Locker

January 23, 2016 Hats off to Casey Stutzman, owner of Performance Locker, and his employees for stepping up to take over running the annual Fourth of July parade in Alpena. more »»

Flights out of Alpena simply cost too much

January 23, 2016 A heads up to the airport on why people are not flying out of Alpena. it is too darn expensiv. more »»

Questions, Anyone?

January 23, 2016 Reynolds Field Q. Several readers in a discussion asked, "Who was the Huron Shores Reynolds Field named after?"? A . The Reynolds Field was named after Gen Reynold. more »»

Schultz’s comments also lacking credibility

January 23, 2016 I'd like to make a couple of comments concerning Connie Schultz's commentary “A president cries and the NRA trembles. more »»

Stories of transformation: From sick boy to Superman

January 23, 2016 If you knew that starting a fitness routine, and sticking with it, could change your entire life and radically improve your future, would you be inspired lace up your shoes and make a plan? I hope... more »»

Alpena’s rates aren’t close to competitve

January 23, 2016 The county wonders why passenger numbers are down at the Alpena airport. Let me suggest one explanation. My wife flew two weeks ago from Traverse City to Chicago (through Detroit). more »»

Legislative actions need more press coverage

January 23, 2016 The Saturday, Jan. 9, The Alpena News reprinted a lengthy editorial in the Other Voices column titled, "Tell Snyder to veto majority's election 'reforms. more »»

Iranian officials still can’t be trusted

January 22, 2016 President Barack Obama wants us to believe anti-American Iranian officials are our friends, now. They can be trusted, he insists. more »»

Citing drivers in inclement weather

January 21, 2016 A reader asked the following question about citations issued during traffic crashes in inclement weather, “Why are drivers cited in traffic accidents caused by inclement weather?” What is an... more »»

Obamacare still causing headaches for Americans

January 21, 2016 Like shady used-car salespeople who need to meet quotas, federal officials in charge of the Obamacare program are far more concerned with numbers than quality care for customers. more »»

Still the best economy in the world

January 20, 2016 In 1883 a gal named Emma Lazarus wrote a sonnet for a fundraiser in New York to be raffled off to raise money to be used for the erection of what is now known as The Statue of Liberty. more »»

Clinton has it wrong on health care costs

January 20, 2016 During a debate Sunday with rivals for the Democrat nomination for president, Hillary Clinton pledged to retain the Obamacare insurance syste. more »»

If it sticks out, it gets beat up

January 19, 2016 In college I took an art history class. We spent a fair amount of time covering the Hellenistic Period which included the study of numerous Greek statues. more »»

Jordanian king deserved better from Obama

January 19, 2016 Americans may have no better friends in the Muslim world than the people and leaders of Jordan. Even before Islamic terrorists began making headlines on Sept. 11, 2001, Jordan was our ally. more »»



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