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Be a good citizen, get involved in the process

September 19, 2014 On the citizenship examination new immigrants are asked how Americans participate in democracy. more »»

Upset at what is happening at Chippewa Hills

September 19, 2014 It was with shock and dismay that while mountain biking at Chippewa Hills Pathway, I saw all the orange marked trees for removal. more »»

Message on a shirt that he couldn’t believe

September 13, 2014 The other day I saw a shirt on a middle aged man that really got my attention. more »»

Disappointed in running of editorial cartoon

September 13, 2014 I am disappointed in the fact that you ran the editorial picture supposedly of Israel telling the children of Gaza why they are killing them. more »»

Wants a bike path on US-23 to county line

September 13, 2014 Will we see a bike path on US-23 North someday? I wonder if the county planning commission has any plans on a bike path going from Alpena US-23 N to the Alpena county line. more »»

Takes exception to being called a bully

September 13, 2014 This is in response to David Sholtz accusing me of being a bully. First, he takes my accusation that food stamp money is used for beer, booze, and cigarets as an accusation directed at him. It's not. more »»

Uncle Sam suffering under weight of gov’t

September 6, 2014 Following his admission to the hospital today, Uncle Sam quietly admitted he was experiencing painful health issues. more »»

Writer nothing but a bully, targets minorities

September 6, 2014 As a former educator and counselor I have always enjoyed a respectful debate on most any topic. The editorial page is usually the first section I read in any newspaper or magazin. more »»

Get to the know tea party before vilifying it

September 6, 2014 The Tea Party is vilified by critics, left and right, who really know very little about the people involved, what they are attempting to accomplish and what methods they plan to use to reach their... more »»

Smokers, no animals were disappointments

September 5, 2014 I agree with Dana Howard about things having to change, but it seems like everything is going up but our paychecks, many see reductions in their checks. more »»

Take action to help prevent colon cancer

September 5, 2014 Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, and most cases are diagnosed in patients who do not report colon cancer in their family history. more »»

Don’t jump to quick conclusions about people

August 30, 2014 To the construction worker who referred to me as a welfare moocher. I had a full time job when I moved here. Even without hands I had worked since high schoo. more »»

Calling election results into quesion was wrong

August 30, 2014 Really, Mr. Matthew, you really equate Alcona County with Florida and their hanging chads? Let's be serious. The Democrats presented three principled, hard working candidates for the 106th primary. more »»

Changes needed to CAT fund long overdue

August 30, 2014 Michigan Car Insurance CAT (catastrophic claims) fund stated small in 1978 for only a $3 per vehicle so few people paid much attention but it has increased to $189 per vehicle that is unaffordable... more »»

People need to get sense of responsibility, morals

August 30, 2014 Not much in the “News” anymore but violence, politics, (power struggles), the “poor” school system, the important obituaries and most of the births; many single mothers having a second one. more »»

Bike path to Squaw Bay would be popular

August 29, 2014 I wonder if the county planning commission has any plans on putting in a bike path going from Alpena city to the 45th parallel sign by Squaw Bay. more »»

Be wary of calls offering help with computer

August 29, 2014 Scam Alert. I received a call today supposedly from Microsoft technician telling me that my computer had been infected and that they wanted me to run a program to fix it. more »»

Increased food budget a wise, healthy choice

August 29, 2014 According to the USDA, U.S. residents spend approximately 6.4 percent of their annual budgets on food (or $2,273). This is less than 83 other countries that the USDA tracks. more »»

Chippewa trail less appeal for taking a walk

August 25, 2014 We appreciated Mary Beth Stutzman's column on encouraging tourism in our area. Besides a "warm and friendly port" Alpena and its surroundings offer beautiful lakes and forests. At least they di. more »»



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