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Paper won’t be same without Werth’s columns

July 3, 2014 It's not good. It was done and over without warning. No opportunity was provided to argue or cajole otherwise. Just like that, Betty Werth is gone. more »»

Hats off to Home Depot for new parking spots

July 3, 2014 I had a wonderful surprise as I pulled into Home Depot this morning. more »»

We must think about the drain on resources

June 28, 2014 Any area business place that sells products that lack significant amount of local content represents a drain on area resources. more »»

Pay attention to your most valuable assets

June 28, 2014 If the teachers are required to take a pay cut, I strongly recommend that all administration in the public school system do likewise — dollar for dollar. more »»

Be respectful, use common sense for Christians

June 28, 2014 I found Mr. Greene’s letter “The comedy of Jesus as told through the Bible” sacrilegious, offensive and inappropriate. more »»

Use this money on US instead of ungrateful countries

June 28, 2014 I recently contacted Congressman Benishek regarding the outrageous amounts of money this country is spending on “foreign assistance” to many countries who hate our guts. more »»

No seminary training for Ruemenapp

June 28, 2014 Our American roots in spirituality shaped history and still inform the present. more »»

Betty Worth has made the time worthwhile

June 27, 2014 Thank you Betty for your wonderful articles through the years. I've laughed, I've cried I've said 'oh no, is that what I have to look forward too?' It's been a great relationship. more »»

Necessary to spread bad news on front page?

June 27, 2014 In reading the article 'Hawks man guilty of CSC' I was sickened by the lack of discretion and sensitivity toward the victim. more »»

Jaws of Life became the new saving power for victims

June 27, 2014 I would like to take a moment and thank all of those involved in the Fire Department obtaining the new Jaws of Life. more »»

Juvenile detainees are subject to public humiliation

June 27, 2014 Today on the way home from Alpena Michigan, I observed an appalling incident at the intersection of Grand and Northbroo. more »»

Michigan citizens ... the grand bargain

June 25, 2014 Michigan tax payers are giving each of Detroit’s 32,000 retirees $6,093.75 to add to their pensions. Let’s give all retirees in Michigan $6,093. more »»

Government minimizing our money’s value

June 21, 2014 Last week, I read the following, “What if we told you those dollar bills in your wallet were not money? Well, they are not. They are national currency of the United State. more »»

Don’t assume money is only political answer

June 21, 2014 Recently U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the second-ranking Republican, was soundly beaten in a Virginia primary contest. more »»

Keep dogs on a leash so no one gets hurt

June 14, 2014 In the last week my Dachshund and Chihuahua have been attacked by two different pit bulls on two different occasions. My 62-year-old mother was walking them both times. more »»

Local VA clinic offers top notch health care

June 14, 2014 The Veterans Administration has lately been roundly criticized for the poor health care system afforded veterans. more »»

Newberry a shining example for community

June 13, 2014 Nothing can be more gratifying then seeing a child happy. more »»

Governor not doing anything to help seniors

June 13, 2014 Dear Gov. R. Snyder, After reading the paper this morning, I was very upset over your plans that say you're helping us seniors. No. more »»

Also tired of people’s cats roaming around

June 13, 2014 Kudos to Candy Nehring. As one of your neighbors I am plagued by the ignorance of our neighboring cat owners and yes, you know who you are. You have multiple cats and you let them roam free. more »»

Real blame for scandal belongs to Congress

June 11, 2014 The scandals involving some Veterans Administration hospitals are painful to witness. The head of VA handed in his resignation. more »»



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