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Proud of how Obama is leading the country

November 22, 2014 Look. 1. Corporate profits are at record high. 2. 200,000 new jobs per month. 3. Unemployment below 6 percent. 4. Dollar is the strongest in years. 5. Gasoling prices are lowering. 6. U.. more »»

Shop went extra mile for stranded motorist

November 22, 2014 No one enjoys car troubles while traveling. My wife and I live in Harbor Beach, Mich. We were recently on a trip to visit my parents in Harrisville when we began to experience tire alignment issue. more »»

Charter won’t help widow of Vietnam vet

November 22, 2014 Charter Communications refuses to come to the aid of a Vietnam Veteran’s widow. more »»

Ebola capable of destroying our country

November 22, 2014 When people came to America they had to go to Alice Island in New York. Located a measly three miles from the Bronx appropriately named Hell's Gate. more »»

Best of luck to Joyntons upon retirement

November 15, 2014 Dr. Olin Joynton has set a date for his retirement. Having served as president of Alpena Community College for over 10 years. He will no doubt be recognized for his accomplishments. more »»

Tea party still holds same beliefs, purpose

November 15, 2014 Many in the Tea Party are disappointed that no matter what is said and done they are still a wing of the GOP. more »»

Murphy helps to keep gas prices moderated

November 8, 2014 Although not in the oil industry, I would like to respond to Jim Coultes letter about the gas prices in Alpena being consistently higher then Tawas and down state areas. more »»

Pettalia sends negative message to teachers

November 8, 2014 The outcome of the election has not been decided as I write this letter but will be before it's printed. more »»

Leadership often requires difficult decisions

November 1, 2014 With the election days away, it shouldn’t be surprising that some candidates have decided to make the successful passage of last year’s DNR hunting and fishing license fee restructuring package a... more »»

Democrats responsible for better way of life

November 1, 2014 In the 1920s the Republicans were voted in. Workers in the mines and mills toiled for long hours and low pay as usual. more »»

What is up with gas?

November 1, 2014 I would like to have someone in the gas and oil industry explain to me why gas prices at stations in Alpena are consistently 10 to 15 cents higher than stations of the same brand in Oscoda and... more »»

GOP, don’t forget to vote

November 1, 2014 Fellow Republicans, do not forget to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4. more »»

Examples of government wasting our money

November 1, 2014 I have a few things I would like to share with your readers. It's hard to believe how our government keeps surprising me, on how it can waste mone. more »»

Upset about photo of young boy, toy gun

November 1, 2014 I was disturbed by your front page photo in Saturday's paper. It shows a young boy pointing a pistol at two little girls. more »»

Disgusted with Republicans dirty politics

November 1, 2014 Just received the Republican diatribe regarding the double dipping of Robert Kennedy, candidate for the 106th House District, and I find it the utter height of low blows and unconscionable dirty... more »»

Presenting book review of former classmate

November 1, 2014 This year marks the 50th anniversary of the AHS class of 1964 graduation. I regret allowing myself to get too distracted by other matters to participate in any of the event. more »»

Questioning location ID in Pettalia mailing

November 1, 2014 Rep. Peter Pettalia has sent out a mailing to his constituents in the 106th district with the statement, "You deserve the truth. more »»

Democrats are responsible for huge spending

November 1, 2014 Dear readers, please consider the following before you vote on Nov. 4. Sen. more »»

Presque Isle needs recyling millage to pass

October 31, 2014 I firmly believe that recycling works, and urge voters to vote “Yes” on the Presque Isle County recycling program services millage proposal on Nov. 4. Last year, the same proposal failed. more »»



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