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ARMC?outstanding facility with quality care

November 21, 2013 The Alpena Regional Medical Center is providing wonderful service to us. Very recently, I was a patient there for about six days. more »»

Representative didn’t do right by the people

November 21, 2013 Robert Kennedy, of Harrisville has good point. His article on Sept. 20, 2013. referring to HB 4714 where Sen. Moolenarr voted “No” on the Expansion of Medicaid. more »»

Parking’s a premium, why take some away?

November 15, 2013 It is with a great deal of forethought that I would like to express my personal opinion concerning the proposed location of the new downtown public plaza. more »»

Community better place because of Hoppe

November 15, 2013 Marsha Hoppe has been a blessing to our community as she shared her gifts of faith and service over many years as the Senior High Youth Minister for the Alpena Catholic Communit. more »»

Using Culligan Plaza would be a better idea

November 15, 2013 It was a good response for the downtown parking by Anne Dessenberg, Nov. 6, 2013. more »»

Moved by experience of running for council

November 15, 2013 Well, Alpena it was a privilege and an honor to run for City Council. The people I meet gave me an uplifting and inspiring look at Alpena from many different perspectives. more »»

Alpena Street Cats are a team worth watching

November 15, 2013 Alpena has a good hockey team in the Alpena Street Cats. We enjoyed the game Friday night — always a plus when Traverse City is defeated. more »»

Be careful when shopping for health insurance

November 15, 2013 My husband and I are two of the 5 percent in the United States who received a card from Blue Cross Blue Shield that our health insurance would be “discontinue. more »»

Farm bill can’t take food away from needy

November 15, 2013 Right now, Congress is debating a Farm Bill that will direct our agriculture and nutrition policy for the next several years. The House and Senate passed two very different bills. more »»

Common Core not the solution for education

November 15, 2013 Common Core has been flying under the radar for years and now that states have adopted it we have discovered a problem. more »»

Huron Humane Society needs our help

November 8, 2013 I have been volunteering at the Huron Humane Society for 20 years and have really enjoyed helping the animals. All these furry creatures want is food, a warm bed, and someone to love the. more »»

The unspoken trouble with ‘clean cars’

November 8, 2013 I am amazed that mature, experienced, intelligent, well educated adults are duped so often. more »»

Judge LaCross does a great job

November 8, 2013 Yet another article on Oct. more »»

Slippery slope of constitutional changes

November 8, 2013 As was pointed out in a recent letter to the Alpena News editor our union is more perfect because of amendments made to what the founders wrote. more »»

Outstanding emergency room at ARMC

November 5, 2013 I know it is very easy to voice opinions on negative experiences we have endured from time to time. I am just as guilty of this act as anyone else. more »»

Plaza should have been thought out better

November 5, 2013 In response to the letter from Anne Sonnenberg on Oct. 26, Amen. more »»

County’s financial issues don’t make sense

November 5, 2013 Something smells really bad in Alpena. If you do the math on the seven children who need rehab it comes out to a cost of $109,500 per child for the year. Seven children for a year is $766,500. more »»

Governor wrong for not being transparent

November 1, 2013 Governor Snyder is trying to pull a fast one on the people of Michigan. Rather than disclose donors to his secretive NERD Fund, he has closed the fund in hopes that the questions will go away. more »»

Disappointed in letter to Annie being printed

November 1, 2013 Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar of Annie's Mailbox; I was disappointed to read your trashy letters column in our local newspaper this morning. more »»

Correct a wrong, elect Nunnely to council

November 1, 2013 We need to correct a Wrong. Almost a year ago, Mike Nunneley and I were recalle. more »»



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