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Letter blasting Pettalia slanted to big gov’t

July 18, 2014 Many of the statements in Rev. Peterson’s letter are slanted to his Big Government/Secular View of what he would have the readers believ. more »»

Obama’s plan is to flood USA with illegals

July 18, 2014 The national political cartoon on July 17 showing the slogan on the base of the Statue of Liberty is just what it is, a slogan and not law. more »»

The beauty of Alpena showed itself brightly

July 12, 2014 If Alpena, Mich., wasn't on the map as a destination it is now. This past weekend Alpena hosted the 13th Annual International ROV Competition. more »»

U.S. needs to begin plans for new Middle East

July 12, 2014 The United States fought hard to bring “Democracy” to the Middle East, and now it is getting it according to ethnic lines and almost 1,400 years of Middle-Eastern history. more »»

Chub White part of sanctuary’s current success

July 12, 2014 As Audrey and I were enjoying the Maritime Festival on the 4th, I did some reminiscing. The Maritime Sanctuary building is a great remodeling of the former Fletcher Paper Company coating plant. more »»

Voters have to decide between known, unknown

July 12, 2014 In politics an incumbent campaigns as if telling the electorate it’s better to support the devil we know (me) than the devil we don't (that other guy. more »»

Stop paying for wars at expense of veterans

July 4, 2014 I enlisted in the Air Force in December 1950 and was discharged in December 1954 after serving in Japan, Korea and Morocco. I served honorably and proudly. more »»

Pastor Ruemenapp responds to allegations

July 4, 2014 Contrary to Peterson’s claims I am not a “self-proclaimed pastor of a contentious non-denominational church. more »»

Peterson should take a good look in mirror

July 4, 2014 I take issue with Rev. Peterson's criticism of Pastor Ruemenapp and Rep. Pettalia in the June 28 edition of your newspaper. more »»

What else does Rev. Peterson believe is myth?

July 4, 2014 So, for the Rev. Peterson the Genesis account of the creation is a metaphorical myth. One wonders what else in Holy Scripture is a metaphorical myth for the Rev. Peterso. more »»

What a great weekend for ROV competition

July 4, 2014 What a fantastic summer Saturday in Alpen. more »»

Motorists need to show respect for pedestrians

July 4, 2014 It amazes me when motorists are so self-centered that they lay on their horns while pedestrians are legally crossing the street and have the right-of-way. more »»

EPA, Sierra Club make it tough on families

July 4, 2014 According to NewsMax, one-third of America's energy consumption is used for heatin. more »»

Great job with PBR triathlon, hope for more

July 4, 2014 Kudos to the promoters, sponsors and the volunteers that put on the annual PBR triathlon, (bike 6.3 miles, run 3.2 and kayak 1 mile) during the Long Lake Park Festival. more »»

Paper won’t be same without Werth’s columns

July 3, 2014 It's not good. It was done and over without warning. No opportunity was provided to argue or cajole otherwise. Just like that, Betty Werth is gone. more »»

Hats off to Home Depot for new parking spots

July 3, 2014 I had a wonderful surprise as I pulled into Home Depot this morning. more »»

We must think about the drain on resources

June 28, 2014 Any area business place that sells products that lack significant amount of local content represents a drain on area resources. more »»

Pay attention to your most valuable assets

June 28, 2014 If the teachers are required to take a pay cut, I strongly recommend that all administration in the public school system do likewise — dollar for dollar. more »»

Be respectful, use common sense for Christians

June 28, 2014 I found Mr. Greene’s letter “The comedy of Jesus as told through the Bible” sacrilegious, offensive and inappropriate. more »»

Use this money on US instead of ungrateful countries

June 28, 2014 I recently contacted Congressman Benishek regarding the outrageous amounts of money this country is spending on “foreign assistance” to many countries who hate our guts. more »»



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