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Airport commissioners have been duped by SkyWest

March 4, 2016 My last source of hope for Alpena’s future is in the hands of The Alpena News. more »»

Ask questions and get answers before voting

February 27, 2016 With the Presidential primary election approaching Michigan on March 8, and all of us looking on as the spectacle of Presidential politics unfolds before our eyes, I ask that each of us... more »»

Applying the CINO principle to political world

February 27, 2016 Republicans have used the letters RINO to denote a "Republican in Name Only." A similar reference can be used for Christians with the letters CINO (Christian in Name Only). more »»

DNR contradicts its own elk management plan

February 27, 2016 I am writing in response to the Feb. 17th front page article about the DNR conducting an elk survey in order to determine why elk "seem to be spending more time outside of their historic rang. more »»

Join the fight, support president’s moonshot

February 27, 2016 The nearly 15 million cancer survivors living in this country today owe their lives to innovations and advances in the detection and treatment of the disease. However, an estimated 1. more »»

Take action, get involved, ban fracking

February 20, 2016 The magic of transparency depends on the Magician’s talents. We are being overloaded with Lunacy in Government, what I like call Trans-Lunac. more »»

Hats off Steve for hitting the nail on the head

February 20, 2016 Kudos to you Steve Fletcher. Your article in the Alpena News on Feb. 11t about Supply Demand, and Responsibility hit it on the head. more »»

Make it a zero tolerance policy for fair board

February 20, 2016 Would you believe that the Alcona County Fair Board with a knowledge and approval of the Alcona County Commissioners have an official policy that allows this to happen? As a result of two incidents... more »»

It’s about the cost, not the airport schedule

February 20, 2016 I cannot believe what it is going to take to wake people up about enplanements from Alpena airport. Your headline news on Feb. 11, 2016, was all about flight schedule change. more »»

Last chance for Chippewa Hills pathways

February 19, 2016 Nearly two years ago, users of Chippewa Hills were mortified to see that the DNR Forestry Dept. more »»

Airport needs to remedy scheduling issues

February 19, 2016 I am a resident of Hubbard Lake and have followed via the paper and local news, discussions on our airport in Alpena and possible solutions for improving service for our residents. more »»

Roundabouts help, not difficult to navigate

February 15, 2016 There has been much discussion recently regarding the proposed roundabouts on US-23 South. more »»

We can learn a lesson from Maine in 1990s

February 15, 2016 Today’s rhetoric on immigration brings to question who we are. Do we exhibit anxiety and fear about a mere 10,000 refugees? Too often we hear sentiments like “Not in my back yar. more »»

Don’t blame residents for Flint water problem

February 13, 2016 The letter in the Jan. 20 Alpena News, regarding the situation in Flint that suggested that the whole problem stems from a lack of pride and responsibility is ludicrous. more »»

Get past embarrassment, get a colonoscopy

February 13, 2016 In the hope of saving lives, I am stepping outside my academic veneer as a plea to this community of which I care deeply. more »»

Roundabouts not the right answer for US-23

February 13, 2016 In regards to the taking pride in Alpena article 01/29/16 Alpena News, the notion of putting in roundabouts on US-23 at two different locations, is completely unnecessary and downright ridiculous. more »»

Develop Mich-e-ke-wis for residents to use

February 13, 2016 What the city has done at Starlite Beach needs to be applauded. Hundreds of kids and their families enjoy the lake and the atmosphere they created. more »»

Same old thing from same old letter writers

February 12, 2016 Clearly the majority of letter writers to the commentary section are a couple of Republican supporters, as the same writers are always bashing the Democratic party and this elected governmen. more »»

Quit giving handouts and expect to stay great

February 12, 2016 If you have not had an opportunity to read Walt Williams article on the editorial page of the Alpena News dated 2/3 you really need to read it. more »»

What happened to putting community first?

February 6, 2016 Mark Shields recent editorial “When Americans were Exceptional” writes about America's “psyche” slowly changing, citing the time-frame from mandatory military service to a voluntary military service... more »»



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