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WBKB needs to listen to viewer’s complaints

January 24, 2014 For those of you with Cable that are considering switching to Satellite due to your inability to receive WJRT-TV Flint (ABC) any longer, don't bothe. more »»

Please contact governor, state legislators

January 24, 2014 The Governor reported that Michigan has a $971 million surplus. He and legislative leaders have stated that cancer prevention should be a priority. more »»

Supporting our local libraries, museum

January 24, 2014 Like many in this area, I am proud to live in a town that supports the local library. The support of Libraries, Museums, and schools tell a lot about a community. more »»

Take a look into creative art therapies

January 24, 2014 Creative Art Therapies are now complete in Alpena. Art and Music therapy are offered to the people of Northeast Michigan and now we have access to the third type which is Dance Movement Therapy. more »»

We need to do better job of treating mentally ill

January 17, 2014 Why, still in 2014 and all the emphasis and urgency on reforms in mental health policies, are those with serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, right here in our own... more »»

Wants to watch the news from downstate

January 17, 2014 I also would like to watch nightly news from downstate. I spent over half of my 70 years in the Flint area and liked to watch WJRT-TV nightly news. more »»

Let’s make fire hydrants even more visible

January 17, 2014 Adopt a fire hydrant is a wonderful idea but why not expand on this and paint the tops of all the hydrants with fluorescent paint that would show up at night. more »»

America is letting drugs be the big decider

January 17, 2014 Colorado made marijuana legal, 40,000 people signed up for marijuana cards to buy it. The majority doesn’t own nothing, they get government checks to buy their drug. more »»

Applaud the effort given, keep up good work

January 10, 2014 The last issue of the year of the Alpena News on December 31, 2013, headline read “Alpena doesn’t receive designatio. more »»

Let Sisters do what they are supposed to do

January 10, 2014 I am astounded by the political irony and duplicity that the Obama administration is currently presenting to the American public. more »»

Quality health care key part to local economy

January 10, 2014 Nearly every issue of the Alpena News contains some article related to the economy of Northeast Michigan. more »»

Conservatives need to become incumbents

January 10, 2014 When liberals don’t get their way they create a way. We’ve heard so many times there is no difference between the political parties on the left and those on the right. That is just not true. more »»

We need to save our children’s health care

January 5, 2014 The Christmas season is a time to focus on the well-being of children, and generosity towards others. more »»

We can’t forget about man who went missing

January 5, 2014 It is the mid 1970s. more »»

Barton City lost a great person, good friend

January 3, 2014 Shortly before Christmas, Wayne Siebert died and all of Barton City lost a best friend. more »»

Pettalia made the right vote on abortion bill

January 3, 2014 I am writing in response to Doug Pugh’s letter to the editor on Dec. 20. Yes, Doug, rape is terrible and incest is horrific. However, murder is final, life is ended. more »»

Liberals have no clue about guns, gun rights

January 3, 2014 The national political cartoon of Saturday, Dec 21, showing a homeowner mistakenly shooting Santa Claus as a burglar was not only offensive but of very poor taste. more »»

Rider would prevent one less victim of rape

January 3, 2014 In any context, an abortion entails multiple victimizations. Real life scenarios will determine the exact number. Always, there are more than one. more »»

We need fighters to save 10th Amendment

December 27, 2013 Even though states are protected from elected and appointed bullies in Washington by the 10th Amendment that protection is like a dog with no bite. more »»

Pettalia doesn’t base his votes on politics

December 27, 2013 A recent letter to the editor, Rep. Peter Pettalia was accused of putting politics ahead of victims and denial of essential medical care. The source of this accusation is abortion. more »»



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