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Brena band was a great cure for cabin fever

March 7, 2014 Well, if you were sitting home on the couch this past Saturday night (2-22), did you ever miss a good time or what. more »»

Confused by Pettalia’s stance on legislature

March 5, 2014 On January 27 I attended the meeting that our State Rep. Peter Pettalia held in Harrisville. more »»

Committee seeks answers about fire department

March 5, 2014 Regarding the demise of Presque Isle Fire Department N. more »»

Not sure Marsden knows what she’s writing

February 28, 2014 I'm just wondering about the intelligence of some of the editorial page writers of the Alpena News. In Friday, Feb. 7, Rachael Marsden, Syndicated Columnist was pondering the Keystone Pipeline. more »»

Expecting teachers to take a cut is hypocrisy

February 28, 2014 It seems a sad commentary on a society that demands its educators give up 10 percent of their income so they can continue to be able to educate its children, but won't themselves give up a tiny... more »»

Something doesn’t seem right with claims tax

February 28, 2014 I am once again dismayed by the article I just read about the City Financial shape. It seems that Ms. more »»

PI township board responsible for fire mess

February 27, 2014 I personal Hold the Presque Isle Township board accountable for what's going on the Presque Isle Township fire services. 1. The township supervisor should not a member of fire department. more »»

Viewpoint wrong about president on pipeline

February 27, 2014 The Viewpoint article on page 2B Tuesday featured misleading "information" on the XL Keystone Pipeline. more »»

EPA is reaching too far with its regulations

February 27, 2014 On the surface the squabble between the coal industry and the EPA looks like a fight between federal law of The Clean Air Act on one side and the coal industry on the other. more »»

Ten ‘cannots’ and seven national crimes

February 21, 2014 1913 was a turning point year for Progressives (now called Liberals) and President Woodrow Wilson. In one year they accomplished the following: On Feb. more »»

New parking laws don’t make for friendly city

February 21, 2014 Parking police? Really? Over the years, Alpena as well as most municipalities pass more and more laws, rule, regulation and such until a person fears entering their territory and infringing on som... more »»

Filing complaint only way to get problem fixed

February 21, 2014 I would like to share a web site in case some people do not know the correct place to file a complaint about their health care organization. more »»

Disappointed by coverage in Freese trial

February 21, 2014 I rarely read the details of articles such as the one concerning the Freese Trial in the 1-29-14 edition, but since it was brought to my attention I took the time to do so. more »»

Why aren’t there reports on bowling, golf?

February 14, 2014 Most of the people in this town actively golf and bowl too. NONE are pro football or basketball players or hockey either. more »»

Regarding Stephen Fletcher’s column

February 14, 2014 The ups, downs of an economy headed through the locks I enjoyed Steven Fletcher’s comment on the economy. I pictured the Wellan Canal as I passed through it many times. more »»

Career Day makes huge impact at AHS

February 14, 2014 “Wow” is the word that comes to mind to describe our first Career Day at Alpena High School on Thursday, as AHS was taken over by 45 area professionals who shared their knowledge, experience and... more »»

Labeling, categorizing people is dehumanizing

February 14, 2014 This letter is in response to the AP article that was in the 1/14/14 Alpena News having to do with mental health screening and counseling in our schools. more »»

Remembering Pearl Harbor memorial service

February 14, 2014 Did you “Remember Pearl Harbor” on December 7, 2013? We want to share these thoughts now that the holidays are over. We realize everyone is stressed and overextended during that time of the year. more »»

What happens to the state with online gambling?

February 7, 2014 Michigan is about to severely hurt the small business owners within it’s state. The lottery commission wants to create an on line gambling environment. more »»



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