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Letter wrongly characterized Harley riders

August 23, 2014 When I read your letter I chuckled, because you don't have all the facts on Real Motorcyclists. more »»

Don’t understand why gas prices increased

August 19, 2014 I'd like an explanation as to just why the price of a gallon of gas has gone up 16 cents a gallon in the past four days when the price of crude oil and wholesale price of gasoline has stayed the... more »»

Harley riders, respect and the stereotype

August 19, 2014 I found myself reading an article on how Harley riders are disrespectful based on a flat tire on the side of the road. more »»

Families of 4-H forgotten when board set prices

August 16, 2014 I had to laugh out loud when I read the front page article of Tuesday's paper. more »»

Something seems fishing about election results

August 16, 2014 It has been a week since the Primary Election and I have pondered this since that time. more »»

Local musicians in The Frost still performing

August 16, 2014 I am writing about The Alpena News article on the passing of Dick Wagner. In this story it reflects on his involvement with several big name bands, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Kiss. more »»

Look for talks about cooperation, compromise

August 16, 2014 Following a shamefully low voter turnout for the August, Michigan primary, politicians and their handlers are now focusing on what to do for the run-up period to November’s general electio. more »»

Take part in today’s livestock auction at fair

August 15, 2014 It’s August and it’s County Fair time. I urge everyone to participate in the livestock auction at 5 p.m. on the 15. more »»

Downtown Alpena is a warm, friendly port

August 15, 2014 I was a little disturbed reading Lynn Powell-Kieliszewski’s, tirade about Alpena not being a warm and friendly port. It is unfortunate what is happening with the school system to be sure. more »»

Dog is being treated properly, not in danger

August 14, 2014 I would like to respond to the letters about the Dog on Werth Rd they call "Red.” I serve on the HHS board and received many personal messages about the welfare of this dog. more »»

Don't believe all the election results you hear

August 14, 2014 Hello, I am writing this letter concerning the recent TV and radio media coverage of the local primary results. To be quite honest, I was dismayed by the biased reporting of the electio. more »»

Get busy and finish working on road projects

August 13, 2014 Wonder why it takes so long for road construction to get done? It's because they tear the road up and then don't touch it again for weeks. more »»

Not impressed with attitude of Harley riders

August 13, 2014 Real motorcyclists, or "bikers" are known for their courtesy towards other motorcyclists, such as greeting each other and giving a helping hand when seeing a biker stranded on the road. more »»

Downtown traffic pattern will need change

August 13, 2014 I read with interest the article in the News on 8/6 about the proposed change in traffic pattern for Third and River Street. more »»

Let’s be clear about marijuana’s side-effects

August 9, 2014 All medicinal plants have side-effects and can be as harmful as pharmaceutical medicine when used improperly. Marijuana has proven useful in treating nausea, AIDS-wasting and inflammatory pain. more »»

What is Alpena really saying to locals, tourists?

August 9, 2014 I keep hearing the ad for Alpena, a warm & friendly port, and can't help but wonder what Alpena they're really referring to. more »»

Candidates should be aware of how to display flag

August 9, 2014 The United States Flag is a symbol of our nation and a lot of people died defending it. When the flag is displayed, it should be done so in the proper way. more »»

Police beware of the seat-belt bandits

August 9, 2014 It is morning: our brave men and women of law enforcement don their crisp uniforms, their bullet proof vests, check their automatic assault rifles and 12 gauge shotguns, verify their semi-automatic... more »»

We must focus on creating great educators

August 9, 2014 Public Education is the bedrock of Democracy. We do not begrudge paying taxes that make this a better community or natio. more »»

Warning would have had same effect as ticket

August 4, 2014 My grandson got a speeding ticket from Officer D. Hall, State Police, near Curtis Rd. (Glennie) on the Fourth of July. Shame on him for “speeding” 60 mph in a 55 mph zon. more »»



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