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Time to move forward with recycling in Alpena

January 10, 2015 There has been much in the press recently regarding recycling both at the local and state level. more »»

Two things to think about in winter weather

January 10, 2015 I am writing about two things that really bother me although not enough people care about either. In Tuesday's copy of the Alpena News an article was written that came from Escanaba, Mich. more »»

Elected officials let us down with gas tax vote

January 3, 2015 I have been reading with interest the Michigan Government’s Road Funding Issues. Really, really, our elected representatives have sold us out again. more »»

We need someone to defend our state rights

January 3, 2015 Our friends, relatives and even our elected officials think money we get from the Feds is free money. In reality our money goes from our hands to federal bank accounts by various taxes we pay. more »»

Be careful, not all recycling centers the same

January 3, 2015 I was very pleased to read your article on how to recycle. However, I think the public needs a little more information. There seems to be some confusion, depending on where we go. more »»

Band together and support our law enforcement

December 27, 2014 At a time when tensions are so high it was hurtful to see the local paper run the cartoon with the children asking Santa to save them from the police. Mr. more »»

Nice article for police officers, then what happened?

December 27, 2014 On December third, your newspaper carried a very nice article about Project Blue Light where hundreds of local residents turned out the night before to honor the police officers and fire fighters wh... more »»

Greenview gives excellent treatment to people

December 27, 2014 A home away from home. Not Florida or Arizona, but a barely noticed building called Greenview because it faces a golf course. more »»

Faulty reasoning in the McCain column

December 27, 2014 With all due respect to the editor of The Alpena News, the best editorial today would be the one by Walter Williams concerning profiling. more »»

Is CRominbus good for America?

December 27, 2014 Americans just got a lesson in how passing legislation really works. The U.S. more »»

Greenview gives excellent treatment to people

December 26, 2014 A home away from home. Not Florida or Arizona, but a barely noticed building called Greenview because it faces a golf course. more »»

Tim Hart deserving of recognition he received

December 26, 2014 I was glad to see you recognize Tim Hart as a bell ringer. Not many know Tim just lost his wife a couple of months ago. But, he's out there every day at Neiman's like he has done for years. more »»

PNC, employees came through in time of need

December 26, 2014 In my recent trip from North Carolina to Alpena to assist our 96 year old Mother in a move, there were several times that she was unable to meet with a Notary Public, banker, etc. more »»

Angered by theft of American flag from porch

December 20, 2014 To the low life, worthless, bottom of the Earth scum that stole the American Flag from my brothers front porch, I have to ask you something. more »»

Agrees with releasing of CIA torture report

December 20, 2014 I strongly disagree with Russ Rhynard regarding the release of the torture report by the Senate. I also do not think that the people involved in this torture were patriotic Americans. more »»

Impressed with Project Blue Light event

December 20, 2014 Recently my wife and I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend the 15th Annual Project Blue Light in Alpena, Mich. It was the first time I had heard of this event. more »»

Unit becomes a reality in Alpena

December 20, 2014 In reading the article about the new Eco Unit I commend the Alpena Fire Department. more »»

Sending kudos to ARMC for treatment

December 19, 2014 On Dec. 2, I had a surgery performed at ARMC. I must say, from my 6 a.m. check-in to my release the next day, I was treated with utmost care and respec. more »»

DNR and USDA policy hurts hunters

December 19, 2014 Once again the sporting community is being thrown under the bus. Local dairy farmers in concert with the DNR and the USDA are decimating the deer herd. more »»

In the name of science and compromise

December 19, 2014 The December ninth meeting for the Chippewa Hills Pathway had sixty people attend, all were against the DNR timbering plan except the few DNR officials. more »»



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