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Tech center fitting tribute to Werth’s vision

February 21, 2015 After six years of planning and hard work, the Ferris H. Werth Electrical Power Technology Center at ACC Campus is now a reality. more »»

Problems are originating with illegal aliens

February 21, 2015 How can we have a record deficit when this administration continues to spend our money with the most reckless disregard! In the latest copy of Judicial Watch (a Conservative non-partisan educationa... more »»

Vaccinations vital component to prevention

February 17, 2015 Editor’s note:?The following letter is the one that should have run under the above headline in Saturday’s edition of The News. more »»

Vaccinations vital component to prevention

February 14, 2015 My friend, a one- time Navy officer, who spent years stationed on air craft carriers, sent me this message. “Watching the news we have launched 20 strikes in the last 24 hours re ISIS. more »»

We need to stop ISIS from getting stronger

February 14, 2015 My friend, a one- time Navy officer, who spent years stationed on air craft carriers, sent me this message. “Watching the news we have launched 20 strikes in the last 24 hours re ISIS. more »»

Country was founded on Christian ideals

February 14, 2015 The Saturday, Jan. 31, paper contained a letter from Pat Hart of Presque Isle taking exception to my letter in the Jan. more »»

A couple of questions about climate change

February 7, 2015 I read about the upcoming global warming, sorry the climate change workshop put on by N.E. Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. more »»

Weigh the consequences of drug side effects

February 7, 2015 An unfortunate but important finding was published this week by the University of Washington in the Journal of American Medical Association. more »»

Pleased to be subject of newspaper story

February 7, 2015 I recently had the honor of being the subject of an Alpena News Lifestyles article by your staff reporter Paige Trisko. more »»

Hard vaccine questions that need to be asked

February 7, 2015 I saw your editorial today (1/31/15) encouraging parents to reconsider vaccinating their children, in light of recent outbreaks of measles and pertussis. more »»

Reminder to look for ACA tax credit form

January 31, 2015 Alcona Health Center’s Outreach and Enrollment Services would like to remind people who applied for and were found eligible for an Advance Premium Tax Credit under the Affordable Care Act in 2014,... more »»

Man up for your ideas, leave God out of it

January 31, 2015 I would like to take exception to a letter to the editor in Saturday's edition of the Alpena News, not for the writer's position but what the writer claims; that it our God given right to defend... more »»

Conservatives ones who recognize compromise

January 31, 2015 These days the political talk is all about compromise, unity, working together and reaching across the aisle. more »»

Editorial cartoon stirs up fear in uneducated

January 31, 2015 Your cartoon on today's opinion page, showing Mickey Mouse with the measles, blaming and cursing out people who are not vaccinated, is extremely misleading, and amounts to nothing more than a... more »»

Brightening up the north side of Alpena

January 24, 2015 If you haven’t driven down Oldfield St. from Second Ave., you should do so soon. George Bowden has started up the New Year in lights. more »»

Good suggestion to raise money for road repairs

January 24, 2015 The other day I sent an email to Gov. Snyder with a suggestion on how to raise money for road repairs. more »»

Shouldn’t we just add sales tax to all purchases?

January 24, 2015 Senior's pensions were taxed; those born after 1952 will pay a full 4.5% of their retirement. They want to double the fuel taxes, divert it to wholesale. more »»

A great book about Benjamin Franklin

January 24, 2015 I just finished reading a book about Benjamin Franklin written by Edmund . more »»

In response to recent article on Newtown

January 24, 2015 The Saturday, January 17 paper contained an AP article titled ‘Newtown school panel to include proposed gun ban in report’ that I wish to comment upo. more »»

Gov’t taking too much control of education

January 16, 2015 Liberals have been busy making a clear picture out of how they would fit together America’s education puzzle. Preschoolers had not really been included in the liberal puzzle until recentl. more »»



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