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Former Lincoln grainery sold by county

October 16, 2012
Andrew Westrope - News Staff Writer , The Alpena News

LINCOLN - After months of unsuccessful attempts to sell an abandoned grainery building in Lincoln that sat unused and in severe disrepair for decades, the Alcona County Board of Commissioners sold the property on Oct. 3 to Spruce resident Mark Ankner, who allegedly wants to turn it into a museum.

Ankner's was the higher of two bids accepted by the county and therefore won him the property at a price of $1,051, which board Chair Kevin Boyat claimed was higher than he expected. Boyat said Ankner spoke to him about three months ago regarding what he wanted to do with the building, but the two have not spoken since and Boyat is unsure when the plans might actually materialize.

"He'd like to kind of restore it and make a workshop/museum-type thing out of it," he said. "He'd like to have it back the old way it was. His dad worked there when he was younger, and he had it with the elevator, and (Ankner) would like to put some of the old equipment back in, and do stuff like that."

The museum would focus on the history of the building and reanimate parts of it the way they used to be, but structural damage from years of neglect may require Ankner to tear down some of the tower and upper floor.

"The main part he wanted to fix up, and then make that into a museum, and then behind he wanted to do woodwork and other kinds of work ... because there used to be another building hooked on, but it's no longer there," Boyat said. "The footings are there, but nothing else."

The building fell out of use in the 1950s and has since been rented for storage purposes. Boyat guessed it still contains about one or two trailer loads of windows, lumber, wire, dishes, and other hardware the county intends to sell in auction once Boyat and county commissioner Bill Thompson finished recording and removing it. Boyat and Thompson will employ a few local inmates to help them finish cleaning out the building on Friday and sit down with Ankner to sign papers on Oct. 30.

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