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Tea party members receive undeserved hatred

November 9, 2012
The Alpena News

Are Tea Partiers Extremists ?

We the people are being called extremists. But why?

Due to their inability to comprehend the fact that creeping government expansion, massive public debt, job destroying regulation and reckless Federal spending is killing America's future, the best liberals can do is attack "Tea Party Extremists" for sounding the alarm.

We should all be tired of being called extremists simply for our desire to make sure that future generations of Americans enjoy the same access to opportunity that we have enjoyed in our life. We have a serious problem when the definition of extreme is someone who is fiercely proud of their nation and recognizes that we are in real danger of losing everything our predecessors worked, bled, and died to create and defend.

The Tea Party has been attacked from both sides. The attacks range from just plain hatred by the left to annoyance and disrespect from the establishment right. Our view should be that these attacks are a sign that we are having an impact and politicians along with their handlers are beside themselves that they cannot quiet or control us.

We have less than two weeks to really make our point. We need a firm commitment to making meaningful contact with as many voters as we can find. By meaningful contact I mean we should be talking about not only candidates but ballot issues. If everyone receiving this would make this commitment we could really make a difference. We have all demonstrated our concern but now we need to take committed action. Forget the ban on talking politics with friends, relatives and family. Just do it.

No matter what we are labeled we must keep on until our goals of limited government, economic freedom and personal liberty have been achieved.





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