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Rest of story in Wilson-Mousseau incident

November 23, 2012
The Alpena News

The other side of the story on Steve Wilson-Jeff Mousseau case.

No. 1, These two were friends. And yes, friends fight and then they make up. Sometimes the same night, or the next day. These two-the next day.

No. 2, There had been tension there for some time. Steve and another roommate had been paying the entire rent since they all moved in there and Jeff none. Utility bills kept getting shut off. I only know because I stopped there four times a week.

No. 3, Push came to shove and fist fight followed. No weapon at all, this was proven by DNA tests. When the fight ended, Jeff was still walking around, still continued drinking and smoking and talking. I still don't understand why 911 was not called that night or the next day. A lot of traffic goes through that house, someone could have called. I still believe he would be alive today and tell his side of the nightmare. He was not supposed to die. No one really knows what caused his final fall, the blows from the fight, or the blow he took from the hearth on the fire place when he took his final fall.

No. 4, The media, when this happened, put in the news-Ossineke Murder. How can they do this? So this was put in people's heads right away. A murder is when you beat someone ill they stop breathing-this was not the case. Also the radio, and the prosecutor running against each other-using my son as a weapon with their words. Everything just blown way out of perspective.

No. 5, I just hope the scrappers and people who fight, think twice before swinging. Just remember the Wilson and Mousseau incident.

Susan Tessmer




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