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1146 days ago.
by Ralph300

Democratic Dirty Tricks

The Democrat Party has seen the handwriting on the wall and they are scared. They are looking at the groundswell of support for Conservative candidates and they know they are in for a monumental loss in the upcoming election. When liberals are scared, they only have one play in their playbook…dirty politics. You may have seen the ads recently attacking Dr. Dan Benishek. They are lying about his positions on health insurance, social security and taxes. Dr. Benishek wants to lower taxes, repeal Obamacare, protect social security and help it stay solvent. He wants to reform our health care system with market based reforms that will maintain the quality of care and lower costs. The Democrat Party knows that Dr. Benishek’s message is resonating with the voters and they are resorting to dirty tricks. When their TV and radio ads didn’t work to confuse the voters, they decided to send out a flyer promoting the “independent” candidate in the race. Just like they created a fake Tea Pa


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What do you call it when the republicans and teabaggers sling their line of lies about everything the President wants to do to create jobs. The bonehead speaker fron Ohio don't know what party he's actually working with, neither party want s anything to do with him. You're filabustering Kentucky senator is lying and fighting for to keep his job, loss cause. So don't talk about Democrats playing dirty tricks when the republican party has that topic all tied up. Get off fox noise and watch real news programs to get the truth you seem to know nothing about.

Posted 1146 days ago.


Some landslide!

Posted 1324 days ago.

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